International School of Auctioneering



The auction business has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Today it is considered an outstanding profession in Canadian life; even so, it offers new heights never heretofore achieved to those who prepare themselves by proper training for this great work. Gone are the days for the fellow who became an auctioneer because he had enough nerve to stand on his feet at the country box supper and yell “One, Twice, Three Times, Fair Warning and Fair Sale”, etc.

We live in a competitive world, you succeed these days according to your degree of skill. You are marked by your ability to do the job.

Auctioneering not only means be able to “chant” like an auctioneer, but it is a business involving certain business ethics. planning and procedure. In other words, the auctioneer has a job to do and he needs to be skilled in all phases of the business. The auction business covers many fields, and it is our job to train you in all of them. The difference between success and failure can be determination and ambition to do things for him or her self.

Those who have personal or real property to sell have the right to expect an auctioneer to be professionally and skillfully be able to get the high dollar. Our training equips you to be able to meet this standard.